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Computer Embellished Drawing

I designed a sports tee for Holy Family to try to get into heaven.

Ink on Paper • Melodies Cafe

What’s a farewell show without a four-armed, three-eyed, three-nippled karma monster?

Public school education is in critical condition… and private corporations are circling above. Take a gander at one of my courageous colleague’s take on “The Common Core Kool-Aid.”

Computer Embellished Drawing

Hug don’t drug.

Computer Embellished Drawing

A digital doodle for a digital world.

Ink on Paper • Old City, Philadelphia

Last Friday evening, an old man covered Old City with old artwork. Check out the photos on Flickr or Facebook.

Mixed Media on Plywood • Various Sizes • Available

These gigantic works celebrate life, community and mortality. They’re literally and figuratively very heavy.

Computer Embellished Drawings

Tonight, I doodled Twiggy and dancing bunnies with a kid who is less than half my age and more than twice my cool. What did you do?

Computer Embellished Drawing

Happy Hump Day, machines and machine people!

Computer Embellished Drawing

Sometimes you feel like taking a speech bubble bath.