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TEDx at Lower Merion School District

You can’t spell yammer without “me.”

StorySlam at World Cafe Live

Here’s the story behind the art under people’s behinds.

Philadelphia Museum of Art & Slightly Beyond

Yesterday, I looked at things that people made and talked to people about making thing-makers. It made for a good day.

StorySlam at L’Etage

There are storybook weddings and there are StorySlam weddings.

Sketchy Characters

Pal and colleague, Kevin Ginsberg, and I were recently art-mortalized by the fine folks of First Person Arts for our contributions to their bimonthly StorySlams. Our mugs, along with a dozen or so others, will grace the margins of Slam-related marketing materials.

Ink on Cardstock • AUMP Fall Fair

If you’ve never spent the day at your kids’ preschool’s Fall Fair, dressed as Teen Wolf, transforming signatures into monsters, you haven’t lived.

English Students Reenvisioning my Artwork

I teach my students about important European artists while important European students are taught about me. True but strange.

Thanks to Ms. Crook’s art classes for giving some of my faces a block print facelift.

StorySlam at Venetian Social Club

A firsthand account of secondhand artichokes, told at my sixth First Person Arts event.

Summer Solstice at the Kimmel Center

You never forget your first hickey, even especially if it was given to you by a hot tub.

Colleague and pal, Kevin Ginsberg, cut his StorySlam teeth as well. Thanks to former student, Hahri Shin, for capturing our moments in the sun.

Ink on Napkins • 4″x8″ • Private Collection

Last evening, I found myself at a pal’s relative’s bar with pals and relatives. I drew a picture of my lovely wife on a filthy napkin and my wife returned the favor. Longtime comrade, Scott, and sister-in-law, Kimmy, followed suit.