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Acrylic • Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

I felt very peaceful painting this zen-like mural, until I spilled paint all over the sidewalk.

Mosaic Mural • 10’x22′ • Welsh Valley Middle School

The Welsh Valley Middle School community recently teamed with one of Philadelphia’s most prolific and preeminent artistic visionaries, Isaiah Zagar, to create a monumental work of art. The project was spurred by a generous grant from the Lower Merion Education Foundation and further supported by LMSD administration, Welsh Valley Student Government and the Home & School Association.

Most every student worked to embellish Zagar’s original composition by creating, placing and polishing each individual tile. In addition to embodying communal harmony and the collaborative process, the work serves as a celebration of the life of a fallen student and friend, Sean King. Just like the installation dedicated in his name, Sean’s impact will continue to beautify and inspire for many years to come.

Latex Enamel on Plywood • Main Line, Philadelphia

No Beauty and the Beast set is set without a set of Beauty and the Beast stained glass windows.

Acrylic • Underground Arts at the Wolf Building

The Philadelphia Inquirer just ran a feature featuring an arts venue that features my art.

Acrylic • Underground Arts at the Wolf Building

Last summer, I took on the monumental task of creating a mammoth mural in the catacombs of the Philadelphia’s Underground Arts at the Wolf Building. After completing the extemporaneous outline, I handed over the monumentaler task of coordinating the coloring efforts (based loosely on these specs) to the venue owner.

The space will be hosting a huge Late Night Cabaret series this fall so the race is on to complete the work before the festivities. Want to lend a hand?

Acrylic • Underground Arts at the Wolf Building

Say “hi” to low res pics of a high profile piece painted in the lowest level of a high rise building. Stay tuned for more photos of this massive underground undertaking as more photos are taken.

Acrylic on Canvas & Wall • The Room Down the Hall

The collaborative paintings are hung, the room is complete and the reviews are in:

“I don’t hate it.”
-Heather Hall, Wife

“I wanna go downstairs and play with toys.”
-Rocco Marrone, Son and Co-collaborator

“Ga Ga.”
-Matilda Marrone, Daughter

Acrylic on Paper • Primer Gallery

Primer Gallery… 30 ounces of black paint, 24 ounces of beer, 3 foam brushes and 270 square feet of paper later.

Jeff's Eye 2Jeff's Eye 3Jeff's Eye 4
Acrylic on Paper • Primer Gallery

It’s well documented that fellow UsedWigger, Jeff Lyons, has no sense of smell and only 34% of his hearing. He does, however, have a keen eye and a mild case of the shutter bug. Here are some Lyonized snapshots of last Friday’s Nightline event at Primer Gallery.

Sparkle Mural 1Sparkle Mural 2Sparkle Mural 3
Acrylic • Posh Park Avenue Pad

“Sweetheart, remember when we threw that Sparkle party and a guy showed up in sequin pants and painted all over our wall? Why didn’t we have him arrested?”