Acrylic on Canvas & Wall • The Room Down the Hall

The collaborative paintings are hung, the room is complete and the reviews are in:

“I don’t hate it.”
-Heather Hall, Wife

“I wanna go downstairs and play with toys.”
-Rocco Marrone, Son and Co-collaborator

“Ga Ga.”
-Matilda Marrone, Daughter

2 Responses to “Gabba Land”
  1. Hiram Stelzig says:

    Hiya Todd. If your family doesn’t learn to appreciate your work, please let me know if you would consider subletting this room for the school year, or at least until I grow up.

    But surriously, nice work. Nothin like a bunch of cute monsters to prepare your kids for the real world/their intergalactic adventures.

    But supersurriously lemme know, you’ve got my info.

  2. Kelly Toscano says:

    I love Gabba Land! So cool. My 13 month old daughter would love Gabba Land in her home too. One question. Where is DJ Lance Rock?