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Guest: Mike Pierantozzi

Topics: Fall TV: Loving Modern Family, Enjoying Mad Men, Defending Glee, Ending The Office, Looking forward to Todd Margaret, Hating Guest Stars… also Talking Advertising, Smashing iPads, Viral Videos, Handsome In-Laws, Peter Billingsley, Robert Pollard, Delivering Beer & Getting Robbed, Shaving Stashes, Rob Sheffield, Superchunk and More

Preview: “I’m like a little piece of Japanese animation” and “Jeff… you look like an Irish grandmother.”

Playlist: Boston Spaceships, Pico vs Island Trees, The Octopus Project

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On Thursday, September 30th, Main Line Art Center is throwing an uproarious house party. The Fundraiser, complete with music, beer, art demos, a print exchange and shrinky dink jewelry benefits the Art Center’s arts education and community outreach programs. Tickets are $15 in advance; $20 at the door.

I’ll be there exhibiting my painting, Community, (which was featured in the book Edgy Cute), drinking beer, watching demos, trading prints, shrinking dinks and dolling out high fives. It will be the best thing to happen to Thursday night since that lady fell down the elevator shaft on LA Law.

Paper Collage on Wood Panel • 8″x8″ • Donated to Charity


Paper Collage on Wood Panel • 8″x8″ • Private Collection


Paper Collage on Wood Panel • 8″x10″ • Private Collection


This month’s Socrates Café question:

“Where are we and how do we know where that is?”

And you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

Paper Collage on Wood Panel • 8″x10″ • Private Collection


Guest: Brad Sukala

Topics: Back to School Fashions, Hot Oatmeal Action, iTunes Ping Review, iPhone Photographers, Growth Spurts, Thirst for New Music, Pop Country Radio Review, Chicago Transit Authority, Russ’s Dirtbag Mullet, Sax Solos Destroy Everything, Fishbone, The Dark Tower, Band from TV, Sufjan Stevens and Awesome Drummer Video

Playlist: Wow & Flutter, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr., The Budos Band, Gemini

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Computer Generated

Once again, I’m proud to have lent an eye and mouse to longtime comrades, MATTOWAX. Gone Tomorrow Here Today marks their third and most righteous studio effort.

The design features a digital illustration by DragonArtz.

Paper Collage on Wood Panel • 10″x10″ • Private Collection