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Computer Embellished Drawing

Or is it who? Or is it whom? Whatever.

Ink on Linen • 12″x12″ • Donated to Charity

I recently donated this monoprint to an auction benefiting the University of Texas El Paso’s Friends of Women’s Studies… because women are my favorite gender and Texas is one of my top 50 favorite states.

Computer Embellished Painting

Formation introduces our first batch of cruiser completes.

All cruisers are one of a kind and hand crafted in Pennsylvania.
We stuck with traditional screen printing for these guys with each board offering a unique background design. You never know which one you may get as they all are assorted.

These are limited edition and will never be reprinted.

Computer Embellished Print

A drawing becomes a print. A print becomes a design. A design becomes a T-shirt. T-shirts are worn at an event. And so on.

Acrylic and Oil Stick on Canvas • 13″x11″ • Painted Over

I don’t know what I just did but I know I just did it. It may be upside down.

Acrylic & Enamel on Canvas • 4′x4′ • Main Line, Philadelphia

Giant works populate a giant public space, behind the public population.

Peek-sneakers, behold two colossal canvases slated for an October 6th unveiling.

Ink on Paper • 6’x2′ • Private Collection

These giant banners were custom created for kids to color at a local library fundraiser. They’re meant to illustrate the dangers of reading.

Computer Embellished Drawing

Props to Philadelphia’s greatest professional baseball team, featuring the uniform they wore the last time I could name more than three of them.

Computer Embellished Painting

A chestful of graphics for a boxful of shirts for a mouthful of a performance venue, Underground Arts at the Wolf Building.