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To say that I’m terribly proud of my students is a terrible understatement. Consider helping me celebrate their artistic accomplishments over juice and Vienna Fingers.

Opening Reception: Saturday, January 21st, 1:00-4:00PM
Main Line Art Center
746 Panmure Rd. Haverford, PA

Ink on Paper • Main Line, Philadelphia

I painted these giant banners during a recent fundraising event at Lower Merion High School, because I like art and hate cancer. Who’s with me?

Meg Wilcox • The Welsh Valley Times • December, 2011

Mr. Marrone is an art teacher here at Welsh Valley Middle School. When you see him from a far you might think he’s just an average Joe, but Mr. Marrone is anything but an average guy. Mr. Marrone is one of the most interesting of people you’ll ever meet, and I was here interviewing him to find that out!

Mr. Marrone does a lot of things besides art. He podcasts online, designs t- shirts, plays video games, reads, listens to music, and loves to hang out with his wife and kids. His favorite genre of music is jazz/alternative. He is currently designing a t-shirt for Nike, which will be out soon. Mr.Marrone can also do some pretty weird things; he can whistle through his ears, and balance things on his chin. (more…)

English Students Reenvisioning my Artwork

I teach my students about important European artists while important European students are taught about me. True but strange.

Thanks to Ms. Crook’s art classes for giving some of my faces a block print facelift.

Ink on Paper • Ardmore United Methodist Preschool

Today, I created big paintings with/of/for the little people at my son’s preschool. In a little time, the little people will add a little color.

Tile Mosaic on Plaster Skull • Skull Size • Private Collection

My school recently secured a grant to have Philadelphia artist, Isaiah Zagar, work with students to install a monumental mosaic mural. Consequently, I’ve been experimenting with various mosaic materials and techniques. Consequently, this skull is covered in tile.

Tempera on Butcher Paper • 8’x4′ • Private Collection

My 8th grade students recently created a crop of collaborative paintings based on Picasso’s Guernica. Out of the paintbrush of babes oft times comes gems.

StorySlam Dunk at L’Etage

Everyone has a story about going to the bathroom in a holiday gift bag. Mine scored me first honors and fan favorite at a recent First Person Arts’ StorySlam at L’Etage.

Sincerest thanks to those who laughed with/at me.

Computer Embellished Drawing

It’s Orphan Week at All of the images posted this week were designed for someone for something and ended up nowhere as nothing.

Based on Frank Lyman’s Think Trix system of educational reflection and inquiry, I designed these flashcards for teachers to print, cutout and distribute. After a short reading, lecture, presentation etc., students would shuffle the cards and take turns randomly choosing. Each card prompts the chooser to digest, assimilate and react to the information in a different way.

I sent the images to Mr. Lyman, assuming that he would applaud my efforts and invite me to dinner. He did not.

Marker Drawing by Emily • 9″ x 12″ • Private Collection

A multitude of moons ago, I posted my contribution to the long-running international doodleography archive called The Scribble Project. Last school year, I encouraged my 7th and 8th grade art students to try their (drawing) hand at the same assignment. Seven contributors were selected by Lisa “The Curator” Currie and featured on the site this July.

Congratulations to Emma, Jesse, Emily, Mary, Nathan, Casey and Victoria for making waves in the World Wide Web!