Archive for October, 2000

Judging by their portrayal in fairy tales, cartoons and children’s books, wolves have a HORRIBLE public relations agent (if any).

Ink on Paper • 5″x6″ • Private Collection

I created this drawing during a graduate course (when I was supposed to be paying attention).

Chalk Pastel on Matboard • 11″x14″ • Private Collection

A series of pieces created using a resist technique. The contour lines were applied to black matte board using Elmer’s Glue. Once dry, color was added via chalk pastel.

Oil Pastel on Paper • 10″x13″ • Private Collection

A series of abstract male portraits drawn with oil pastel on pastel paper. They were made within a few days of one another and all seemed to have rather large noses. I’d later refer to this as my giant-shnozola period.