Archive for February, 2002

Acrylic on Plywood • 48″x30″ • Private Collection

Quickly establishing herself as the anti-Mona Lisa, it seems as though Lydia isn’t looking at you no matter where you stand.

Acrylic on Plywood • 48″x30″ • Donated to Charity

This painting was auctioned during a fundraising event benefiting an organization titled SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now).

Acrylic on Cardboard • Private Collection

A representatives of the very first series of paintings that I created using the almighty foam brush.

Acrylic • Welsh Valley Middle School

I created this mural one morning on a long segment of wall high above my classroom. My students thought it was downright scandalous that I was painting on the wall without permission. “Aren’t you afraid you’re going to get fired?” they’d ask. “No,” I’d answer. So far, so good.