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Ink and Oil Pastel on Cardboard • 12″x18″ • Private Collection

A representative of a series that I created especially for a buddy’s hair salon. They were supposed to resemble those silly hair style photographs that sometimes hang in abundance on salon walls.

Moments ago, I saw a news broadcast about a car accident that occurred early this morning. Apparently, a woman lost control of her car and plowed in to a large, plastic nativity scene nestled on someone’s front lawn. The broadcast included live footage of people attempting to reassemble the scene, as well as interviews with devastated passerbys.

While there was no mention of the condition of the driver and/or passengers of the car, the broadcaster reported, “Luckily, the family had not yet placed the baby Jesus into the manger.”

It truly is a Christmas miracle.

If the word “faux” precedes something, it’s ugly. Don’t argue with me.