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Kristen A. Graham • Philadelphia Inquirer • February, 2007

Paints are plentiful in Todd Marrone’s modern Lower Merion classroom. Brushes? Pastels? Markers? Heavy, creamy paper? Available in abundance.

Unlike some art teachers, who struggle for resources to keep bare-bones programs afloat, Marrone and his colleagues at Welsh Valley Middle School in Narberth are lucky.

“The supplies are fabulous,” said Marrone, a Starburst-tossing, game-playing, enthusiastic teacher whose frenetic energy sometimes outstrips his students’.

But Marrone, who has been teaching art in Lower Merion for a decade, wanted his eighth-grade students to embark on an ambitious project, something that challenged their perceptions, made them think of art and of themselves in a different way. (more…)

I’ve become so reliant on my cellular phone’s address book, the only phone number I still have committed to memory is Jenny’s.

Acrylic on Canvas • MilkBoy Coffee

Doing my thing in front of my things while the Brian Donahue Band does theirs.