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Russ, Heather, Ron & Russell

The Mrs. and some pals enjoy a pleasant Saturday afternoon gussied up as the undead.

Current me has a great resentment towards past me, but an utter disregard for future me.

Acrylic on Canvas • Picasso Restaurant & Bar

The Hulihees take the stage for the first time together. I marked the momentous occasion with four custom art concoctions.

Me & Heather

Ridiculous facial hair, grown and sculpted specially for The Hulihees’ first musical performance. I joined the band onstage to whip up a quartet of original paintings.

Lorenzo Errico & Me

Formation Skateboard Company proprietor, Lorenzo Errico, and I are interviewed during a Philadelphia gallery reception. This former student runs the daily business operations and I supply all of the artwork and designs. Truly a match made in middle school!