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Greg Fitzsimmons
My Chins & Greg Fitzsimmons

Enjoy Usedwigs Radio’s unofficial tribute to yucks as we talk comedy, chat with Philadelphia comedian, Dave Walk, and interview stand-up darling, Greg Fitzsimmons.

Rumor Monster
Ink & Colored Pencil on Paper • 7″x5″ •  Private Collection

This is how rumors get started.

This month’s Socrates Café question:

“Is any person inherently better than another?”

Chime away.

Spring Cleaning

Based on the popular descending auction unveiled at last year’s “One Night Stand“, I’m liquidating my artventory during a three week show at Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery.

A May 8th reception, including live art and music, kicks off the show. Framed paintings and large works on canvas will begin with a price tag of $600. Every four days, the prices will be cut in half. As the month ripens, the work will be less expensive and less likely to be available.

Zero Boutique
Gratuitous Clothing

My “Speaking Of” design has finally hit the Zero Boutique. For a limited time, the graphic will be custom printed on a staggering variety of tee, sweat, tank and baseball shirts in a doubly staggering variety of colors. Customize with your custom eyes.

Zero Boutique
Shirting Gallery

A spiffy new “Love Cats” gallery page preceeds an upcoming Marrone-designed Zero tee. Keep your eye on this thread for new threads.

Infertility God
Urban ARTifact

While spelunkering New Orleans’ Warehouse Arts District last weekend, the Mrs. and I stumbled across a treasure. ‘Twas a hand-painted, birth-control pill container posted prominently on a stop sign… ripe for the plucking.

A cryptic message inside reads, “Feel Da Love Rise – Scott.” Thanks for the souvenir, Scott!

Sideshow 1
Sideshow 2
Acrylic on Skateboards • Sweet Mabel Gallery

Here’s a peek at a few of my contributions to Sweet Mabel’s upcoming Sideshow Spectacular. Painted on thrashed skateboard decks, these colorful oddities are poised to be unveiled during a May 1st reception.

Dogfish Heads
Hopped Up

UsedWigs Radio turns 60! To celebrate, we chat with Dogfish Head proprietor, Sam Calagione and Bishop Allen’s Justin Rice.

Big Phoot
Computer Embellished Drawing

A polariod of a phanatic in its natural habitat.