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Photo by Tiffany Yoon

If you weren’t able to attend last weekend’s UsedWigs Live ’10, check out the show intro, then print out all of these photos and make a flip book. It’s better than living your life in regret.

Todd “Eatagotchi” Marrone, Master of Mastication

Once again, I pitted my design skills and digestive system against childhood cancer. Five minutes and 60 wings later… I gained 3% body fat, the guy next to me regained his title, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Oncology Unit gained thousands of dollars and chickenkind lost hundreds of appendages.

Does anyone know how to get grease out of a sumo suit?


Video masterminds Kenjamin Franklin and Jandek Phil of the After School Specialists ( crafted a glorious little cartoon (literally) illustrating Russ’s love of spreadsheets. Harvested from a 2008 podcast and recently unveiled at UsedWigs LIVE ’10… enjoy Space Thunder Kids.

Hipstamatic Photo by Dave Hill

Friday’s festivities were ferociously fun… our Philadelphia fans, friends and family are phenominal. A flock of fantastic photos to follow.

Acrylic on Paper • MilkBoy Main Stage

Many thanks to the many heads who headed to MilkBoy Main Stage for the most recent installment of Jazz Tactics. If you missed out on the tactivities, take a peek at the YouTubular videos:

3/12 Jazz Tactics Video #1
3/12 Jazz Tactics Video #2

This month’s Socrates Café question:

“Does your name affect the course of your life?”

That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Photo by Tiffany Yoon

I recently caught up with Man Man frontman, Honus Honus, during a recent Philadelphia homecoming. Check out the recently posted results.

Acrylic & Paint Marker on Skateboard • Private Collection

Is that a sword through your body or are you just happy to see me?

Ben Franklin Jr. High Art Club • Fargo, ND

“Hey Todd,

I just wanted to send you the pictures of the mural we did as a junior high art club project all the way here in Fargo, North Dakota. We got permission to do it on 2 4×8′ panels of plywood. Originally it was going to be much larger, but then we would have had to get permission from the district. We created a logo for our art club t-shirts and screen printed them this morning. Also, I shared your work with my art education professor who loved it and spread the word to his students. You are quite the inspiration. Thank you for letting us study you. Enjoy these photos.

Catie Miller”

Enjoy is an understatement.

Tempera & Paint Marker on Piggy Bank • Private Collection

If I had a nickel for everytime a student asked me to customize a giant piggy bank, I’d be able to play one fifth of a game of Pac-Man.