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Mixed Media on Plywood • Various Sizes • Available

These gigantic works celebrate life, community and mortality. They’re literally and figuratively very heavy.

Computer Embellished Drawings

Tonight, I doodled Twiggy and dancing bunnies with a kid who is less than half my age and more than twice my cool. What did you do?

Computer Embellished Drawing

Happy Hump Day, machines and machine people!

I wrote this in the 90s and never finished it. Maybe I should.

Elephants never forget. You know why they say that? It’s because when elephants are born into domestication, they are immediately put into a cage or a box or bound by rope or chains or whatever other way a human being sees fit to make sure the baby elephant stays where a human being decides it should be. The baby elephant tries, with all its might, to break free from the bonds or the enclosure but to no avail because it is too weak and small. Once the baby elephant tries and fails, it will never try again for the rest of its life. That is why full-grown, adult elephants can be kept in cages or boxes or bound by rope or chains that they could easily break. An adult elephant is powerful enough to knock over a building without much trouble but it doesn’t attempt to break the bonds that it failed to break as a baby elephant. Poor elephants, they never forget.

Some human beings are like that. (more…)

Computer Embellished Drawing

Sometimes you feel like taking a speech bubble bath.

Computer Embellished Drawing

When your kid starts to cry, you can tell him to stop crying or you can draw him as a crying snake. In my experience, neither work.

Computer Embellished Drawing

Mixed Media on Wood • 24″x48″ • Available

Everything is a collaboration. If I know (of) you, you are a part of everything I do, say, paint, draw and type. If you know (of) me, I say, paint, draw and type it for you. Consequently, thank you/I’m sorry/you’re welcome.

That said, only one person can own this. Right now, it’s me but the sooner it’s out of the way, the sooner we can make more for us.

Mixed Media • Various Sizes • Sweet Mabel Gallery

My college roommate, Bevan McShea, became my collage collaborator. Any resemblance to any flowers or skulls, alive or dead, is purely coincidental.

Ink on Paper • Various Sizes • Private Collection

While a hurricane ravaged my home last fall, I sat by a pool in Las Vegas… feeling very sad… doodling. I think it was all a Mirage.

Computer Embellished Drawing

Behold a public peek at the second design, in a new series of tees by Formation… likely to be printed on American Apparel Organic Tees. 100% gluten free!