Thanks to the hard work of my assistant, Shana, there are dozens of original Todd Marrones now available on Etsy. Buy one for every member of your family.

Acrylic & Paint Marker on Cast • Private Appendage

Some people can’t afford original artwork because they’re broke. Some people get original artwork because they broke.

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English Schoolgirls Reenvisioning my Artwork

As a middle school art teacher, I frequently introduce my students to the work of important artists and assign projects in their vain. Consequently, you can imagine how flattering, humbling and surreal it is to find out that students elsewhere are learning about me.

Here are a few of the annual snapshots that I receive from across the pond.

Hung 1
Hung 2Hung 3Hung 4
Adoption Photos

It’s always a pleasure to see a snapshot of my work sprucing up someone’s abode. If you have purchased, stolen, found, inherrited or won a piece of my art, please send me a photo to add to my collection.