Todd “Eatagotchi” Marrone, Master of Mastication

Once again, I pitted my design skills and digestive system against childhood cancer. Five minutes and 60 wings later… I gained 3% body fat, the guy next to me regained his title, the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Oncology Unit gained thousands of dollars and chickenkind lost hundreds of appendages.

Does anyone know how to get grease out of a sumo suit?

Bulk 1
Bulk 2
Bulk 3Bulk 4
Todd “The Incredible Bulk” Marrone, Competitive Eater

I recently competed in my second wing-eating contest. Similar to last year, I attempted to make up for what I lack in belly-size and gullet-circumference with an intimidating, costumed persona. Similar to last year, it did not work.

The fact that the event raised thousands of greenbacks for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Oncology Unit made the loss easier to swallow.

Wing Fest 2009
Computer Embellished Drawing • Donated to Charity

Every year, the Lower Merion School District hosts a wing-eating competition to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. This is great news for sick kids but terrible news for chickens.

Last year, I placed in the top five. This year, I’m hoping that my tee design will help to sway the judges.