Acrylic & Enamel on Canvas • TRUST Gallery

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Philadelphia pop artist, Perry Milou, in Old City Philadelphia. Works will be on display at TRUST Gallery throughout the fall. That is, indeed, the site of the Real World Philadelphia… it still kind of smells like police brutality.

Mixed Media on Wood • 24″x48″ • Available

Everything is a collaboration. If I know (of) you, you are a part of everything I do, say, paint, draw and type. If you know (of) me, I say, paint, draw and type it for you. Consequently, thank you/I’m sorry/you’re welcome.

That said, only one person can own this. Right now, it’s me but the sooner it’s out of the way, the sooner we can make more for us.

Computer Embellished Drawing

A few weeks ago, my young mural collaborator, Ben, created a flurry of doodles. We then selected some of those doodles and dropped them into a rough composition. Next, we refined and tightened the composition and decided what colors will go where. Next stop, basement wall… stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion.

I’ve recently embarked upon a mural collaboration with my young pal, Ben Feldman. So far, we’ve co-doodled and co-color-selected. Soon, we’ll be co-ruining-their-basement-carpet.

Computer Embellished Drawing

A student doodled this when he should have been working. I digitized and colorized it when I should have been working. I think it works.

Ink & Crayon on Paper • 12′ x 9′ • Private Collection

My son made a few random shapes. I made the shapes into monsters. He made the monsters into art. I made the art into a pun.

Ink & Crayon on Paper • 9″ x 12″ • Private Collection

I made a kid and I made a bear. One colored in the other.

Tempera on Butcher Paper • 8’x4′ • Private Collection

My 8th grade students recently created a crop of collaborative paintings based on Picasso’s Guernica. Out of the paintbrush of babes oft times comes gems.

Ink on Paper • 10″x10″ • Private Collection

I drew this dreadful Dodd by doctoring a delightful doodle by my pal, Donovan. The Dodd is relatively harmless… unless you provoke it or get near it or read about it.

Acrylic & Oil Stick on Canvas • 18″x24″ • Private Collection

My almost-3-year-old son and I almost collaborated on this piece without getting paint and oil stick almost all over the basement. Almost.