Ink on Paper • 8″x6″• Private Collection

I doodled a fella waiting for someone at a bar as I waited for someone at a bar.

Rumor Monster
Ink & Colored Pencil on Paper • 7″x5″ •  Private Collection

This is how rumors get started.

Ink & Colored Pencil on Paper • 7″x5″ • Private Collection

“You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.”

Ink on Adhesive Paper • Center City, Philadelphia

The city is my sticker book.

Screaming ShirtAfro ShirtThree Headed Shirt
Computer Embellished Drawings

Enjoy a trio of faux shirts created to display my apparel-designing chops

Computer Embellished Drawing

During a recent visit to a Philadelphia Craft Festival, I couldn’t help but notice the inordinate number of items featuring owls or octopi. Since they seem to be the animal darlings of the independent craft world, I whipped up this hybrid for Ghosticorn Apparel.

Computer Embellished Drawing

I came across this circa 1996 doodle while paging through an old sketchbook. I thought that the character was too deliciously condescending and smug to go to waste so I turned him into a Ghosticorn tee design. It’s always nice to give younger me the opportunity to collaborate with older me.