Computer Embellished Drawing

It’s Orphan Week at All of the images posted this week were designed for someone for something and ended up nowhere as nothing.

Originally pitched as a name for a now defunct rock outfit, this doomed duo was the precarious precursor to Ghosticorn Apparel.

Ink on Paper • Private Collection

My brainchild, Ghosticorn, inspired the brain of a child to create Ghosticorndog. Special thanks to my student-pal for the doddle-homage.

Plushicorn 1
Plushicorn 2Plushicorn 3Plushicorn 4
Felt, Thread & Magic • Private Collection

Introducing a quartet of hand-made mythological hybrids! Inspired by my clothing company, Ghosticorn Apparel, and brought to life by local seam queen, Diane Koss.