Meg Wilcox • The Welsh Valley Times • December, 2011

Mr. Marrone is an art teacher here at Welsh Valley Middle School. When you see him from a far you might think he’s just an average Joe, but Mr. Marrone is anything but an average guy. Mr. Marrone is one of the most interesting of people you’ll ever meet, and I was here interviewing him to find that out!

Mr. Marrone does a lot of things besides art. He podcasts online, designs t- shirts, plays video games, reads, listens to music, and loves to hang out with his wife and kids. His favorite genre of music is jazz/alternative. He is currently designing a t-shirt for Nike, which will be out soon. Mr.Marrone can also do some pretty weird things; he can whistle through his ears, and balance things on his chin. (more…)

Photo by Tiffany Yoon

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