Guest: Jon Solomon has been playing and promoting top-notch indie music for years on the mighty WPRB. He can be heard every Wednesday night from 7:00 – 10:00 pm ET. Listen at!

Topics: Throwing Fruit, Halloween Superstores, Gig Posters, Jon’s 24-Hour Holiday Radio Show, Band Loyalty, Owning a Record Label, Long Songs, Bands Reuniting, Digital Downloads, Jam Bands and Scary Movies!

Teaser: “What’s your noodle song, Jon?”

Audio Note: We used a new audio rig and had a little sound problem, you might need to pump up the volume a bit. Sorry!

Playlist: “Drawn Down the Moon” by Edsel,  “Under Heavy Manners” by Dissociates

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Giveaway: Thanks to our friends at Quirk Books for the super cool “Gig Posters Volume 2″ book by Clay Hayes we gave away to a lucky audience member. (more…)

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The Prince of Princeton

College radio legend, Jon Solomon, recently visited UsedWigs Radio’s secret hideout. Listen as we dissect reunited bands, Tegan and Sara, wrestling music and radio voices.