Pencil on Paper • 9″x12″ • Private Collection

My right hand has hogged the artistic spotlight for too long so I’ve begun doodling as a lefty. The above drawing was accomplished with my lesser half.

Acrylic on Paper • Burlap & Bean Coffee Shop

Keen toddmarrone.com fans may recognize that something is, quite literally, not right. I labored through these final two paintings using my non-dominant hand.

Hulihees Farwell 1
Hulihees Farwell 2Hulihees Farwell 3Hulihees Farwell 4
Acrylic on Paper • Burlap & Bean Coffee Shop

Due to the impending geographic relocation of frontman, Ron Foligno, the Hulihees ushered out the end of an era last Saturday night. Live art and music marked the bitter sweet occasion.