Acrylic • Northern Liberties, Philadelphia

I felt very peaceful painting this zen-like mural, until I spilled paint all over the sidewalk.

Acrylic on Paper • 30’x8′ • Free to a Good Home

In the fall of 2009, our pals at Primer Gallery hosted an art event titled Nightline. During the opening reception, I painted a GIANT paper mural. If you have a GIANT yearning for art and a GIANT empty wall but a tiny budget… drop me a line.

Tile & Found Object Mosaic • 12’x12′ • Private Collection

I’m gearing up for next school year’s Isaiah Zagar mosaic mural project by gluing and grouting everything I can get my hands on.

Acrylic • Underground Arts at the Wolf Building

Say “hi” to low res pics of a high profile piece painted in the lowest level of a high rise building. Stay tuned for more photos of this massive underground undertaking as more photos are taken.

Art of the Moment 1
Art of the Moment 2Art of the Moment 3Art of the Moment 4
Art of the Moment 5Art of the Moment 6Art of the Moment 7
Acrylic on Paper • Villanova University

Once again, the Wildcats welcomed me into their den to deliver a live art presentation titled, “Moment of Art.” The highly-anticipated annual engagement is punctuated by artistic collaborations with audience members, an improvisational mural and the distribution of dozens of free paintings.