Acrylic on Cast • Arm-Sized • Private Collection

You know the old story: girl breaks thumb, girl gets cast, girl gets art teacher to paint a screaming worm on cast.

Acrylic & Paint Marker on Skateboard • Private Collection

Is that a sword through your body or are you just happy to see me?

Tempera & Paint Marker on Piggy Bank • Private Collection

If I had a nickel for everytime a student asked me to customize a giant piggy bank, I’d be able to play one fifth of a game of Pac-Man.

Acrylic & Paint Marker on Ukulele • Private Collection

You never forget your first customized Ukulele.

Longingly 2Longingly 3Longingly 4
Acrylic & Paint Marker on Skateboard • Private Collection

I’m bored and long to paint, you have a longboard that needs painting…

Acrylic on Paper • Primer Gallery

Primer Gallery… 30 ounces of black paint, 24 ounces of beer, 3 foam brushes and 270 square feet of paper later.

Bull Skull 2Bull Skull 3Bull Skull 4
Bull Skull 5Bull Skull 6Bull Skull 7
Acrylic & Paint Marker on Skull • Private Collection

I’ve finally graduated from bullsh*t artist to bull skull artist.