Old City, Philadelphia

The City of Philadelphia v. Todd Marrone, Exhibit A.

Computer Embellished Drawing

Last Sunday evening, the Mrs. and I sipped wine and doodled burlesque model, Kristen Minsky, at the Philadelphia chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School. Half of us vectorized and colorized our doodles.

Wake Up Call

I recently teamed up with a former student/current costumed crusader, in an effort to coax Pennsylvanians into fighting for equality. Hundreds of these postcards are now floating around the City of Brotherly Love, literally and figuratively.

Acrylic & Enamel on Canvas • TRUST Gallery

I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Philadelphia pop artist, Perry Milou, in Old City Philadelphia. Works will be on display at TRUST Gallery throughout the fall. That is, indeed, the site of the Real World Philadelphia… it still kind of smells like police brutality.

Ink on Paper • Marathon Grill

There are few things I enjoy more than painting a mermessiah on a city street. Thanks to Emma Austin for the lovely snaps.

Ink on Paper • Old City, Philadelphia

Last Friday evening, an old man covered Old City with old artwork. Check out the photos on Flickr or Facebook.

Earlier this week, Welsh Valley Middle School 7th grade Challenge students explored South Street to enjoy and photograph the work of Philadelphia mosaic artist, Isaiah Zagar. While spelunking, students captured the following cityscapes, depicting the terms revolution, repetition, reflection, reading and recycling.



Computer Embellished Drawing

Props to Philadelphia’s greatest professional baseball team, featuring the uniform they wore the last time I could name more than three of them.

Tile Mosaic on Plaster Skull • Skull Size • Private Collection

My school recently secured a grant to have Philadelphia artist, Isaiah Zagar, work with students to install a monumental mosaic mural. Consequently, I’ve been experimenting with various mosaic materials and techniques. Consequently, this skull is covered in tile.

Computer Embellished Drawing

This concept sketch for Underground Arts depicts a drove of dirty dirt dwellers. Dig?