Computer Embellished Drawing

Here’s a graphic that I made for last spring’s TEDx presentation, There’s Not One Correct Answer. The image and speech is closely aligned with my recent yammering about high-stakes standardized tests and the state of our state’s Department of Education Stagnation. If you think it would make a lovely tee shirt, drop me a line and we’ll figure out how to make lovely tee shirts out of it.

In doubly-related news, my shirt-printing, music-making  pal, “Handsome” Ron Foligno, cooked up a song in the same vein.

Sasha Toten • Bi-College News • February, 2008

Philosophy might sound like a daunting subject to discuss, especially if you have never taken a course related to it. But what if you were discussing it without books, in a café, on a weekday night, amongst people from all different age groups and backgrounds?

This is what has been happening at the Milkboy in Bryn Mawr town every third Monday of the month, from 7-8:30 p.m. (more…)