Formation Skateboards has an attractive new site featuring an unattractive old man (left). Lorenzo (right) has become a founder figure to me:

I was fourteen years old when I approached my middle school art teacher, Todd Marrone, with the idea of starting my own skateboard company. Six year later, we have evolved into a new kind of skateboard brand. Formation offers limited quantity products created by a network of artists from all over the world. Each and every Formation deck, is crafted in a small batch and will never be reproduced again.

Support your local skate shop.


Computer Embellished Painting

Here’s a sneak glimpse of an upcoming line of hand-screened cruisers designed for Formation Skateboards. The overall graphic is based on the fan favorite from 2010’s Custom Cruiser show at Exit Skateshop. The chest hair is loosely based on my own.

Computer Embellished Painting

Narberth-based Maker Boards transformed this recent painting into a spectacular series of collectible planks. I’m not exactly sure how the decks are made, it has something to do with lasers and magic.

The formidable Formation Skateboard Company recently overhauled and overpopulated its online store with scores of toddmarrone.c0m-designed and custom painted skate decks. Limit 10 per customer, unless you want more.

Acrylic & Paint Marker on Skateboard • Works in Progress

Sneak a peek at the cruiser customization command center. Marvel at the oddly worded Philadelphia City Paper blurbicle promoting the Custom Cruisers reception and show.

Catch a copious crop of customized cruisers, dangling from the walls of Philadelphia’s most celebrated haberthrashery. Roll into the reception for hot tunes, cold beverages, sizzling small talk and first pick.

Saturday, February 27th, 7:00 – 10:00 PM
Exit Skateshop
825 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA

Bill Board 2Bill Board 3Bill Board 4
Acrylic & Paint Marker on Skateboard • Private Collection

E pluribus unum.

Tree Oh
Acrylic & Paint Marker on Skateboard Shard • Private Collection

Artwork painted on a broken board, by a broke, bored artist.

Boardom 1
Boardom 2Boardom 3Boardom 4
Acrylic & Paint Marker on Skateboards • Private Collection

A roundup of recently adorned, student skate sticks.

Sideshow 1
Sideshow 2
Acrylic on Skateboards • Sweet Mabel Gallery

Here’s a peek at a few of my contributions to Sweet Mabel’s upcoming Sideshow Spectacular. Painted on thrashed skateboard decks, these colorful oddities are poised to be unveiled during a May 1st reception.