Mixed Media • Various Sizes • Sweet Mabel Gallery

My college roommate, Bevan McShea, became my collage collaborator. Any resemblance to any flowers or skulls, alive or dead, is purely coincidental.

Dither Me Timbers

Opening Reception: Friday, June 7th, 6ish – 9ish PM
Sweet Mabel Gallery
41 N. Narberth Ave. Narberth, PA

In the mid 90s, Bevan McShea and I shared a college room and, consequently, secondhand rubber cement fumes, in a Kutztown University dormitory known as Schuykill Hall. In the mid 10s, we inhabit two sides of the marginally mighty Schuykill River. Now, we’ve combined our aesthetic vision, multiple media, skulls, flowers and Trader Joe’s cookies to create Skullkill Spring. Conveniently, tees and original artwork will be available for sale AND make the perfect gift for dads, grads and Brads.

See you there.

Acrylic and Enamel on Board • Various Sizes • Various People’s Various Walls

Here are a few paintings that were recently featured in a recent show at Sweet Mabel. They’re dedicated to my 2-year-old daughter because I used her room paint without asking.

Sideshow Spectacular
A sign of things to come… tonight.

Sideshow 1
Sideshow 2
Acrylic on Skateboards • Sweet Mabel Gallery

Here’s a peek at a few of my contributions to Sweet Mabel’s upcoming Sideshow Spectacular. Painted on thrashed skateboard decks, these colorful oddities are poised to be unveiled during a May 1st reception.

Pinwheels for Peace
Pinwheels for Peace 2Pinwheels for Peace 3Pinwheels for Peace 4
Pinwheels for Peace 5Pinwheels for Peace 6Pinwheels for Peace 7
Various Artwork • Sweet Mabel Gallery

Enjoy a baker’s half dozen snapshots of last Friday’s live performance and reception at Sweet Mabel Gallery. In conjunction with Pathways to Peace’s annual “Pinwheels for Peace” celebration, I created custom collaborations in exchange for a small, charitable donation.

Dozens of pieces will be hanging throughout the Fall including handmade tiles, framed drawings, hand-painted skateboards and customized books. Stroll in if you stroll by.