Computer Embellished Print

A drawing becomes a print. A print becomes a design. A design becomes a T-shirt. T-shirts are worn at an event. And so on.

Silkscreen Ink on American Apparel Tees • S-M-L-XL • $12

For some time, some of you have paid me some nice compliments about some of my moronic tweets. Now, if you pay a small sum of money, you can keep my avatar close to your heart. Twitter, American Apparel and I have teamed up (unbeknown to them) to create this many-of-a-kind @toddmarrone T-shirt. Want one?

The Devil is in the Details

Computer Embellished Painting

A chestful of graphics for a boxful of shirts for a mouthful of a performance venue, Underground Arts at the Wolf Building.

Computer Embellished Drawing

It’s Orphan Week at All of the images posted this week were designed for someone for something and ended up nowhere as nothing.

This huggable/beat-upable little fella was destined for T-shirt greatness but never got past the screen printing screening process.

Computer Embellished Drawing

Mythology, Judiasm, percussion and soccer collide in this recent Bar Mitzvah T-shirt design. It’s a mazel tov cocktail.

Th Rabbit Died
Computer Generated

This hasty homage to a childhood friend is Ghosticorn silkscreen-bound.

Zero Boutique
Gratuitous Clothing

My “Speaking Of” design has finally hit the Zero Boutique. For a limited time, the graphic will be custom printed on a staggering variety of tee, sweat, tank and baseball shirts in a doubly staggering variety of colors. Customize with your custom eyes.

Speaking Of
Computer Embellished Drawing

A gossip-inspired tee graphic created for my pal(s) at Zero Boutique.

Tattoos, Sweat & Ball Bearings

Thanks to all of the ink-clad vixens who rolled away from this weekend’s East Coast Roller Derby Extravaganza with new Ghosticorn swag.

Computer Embellished Paper Collage

My trusty scissors and I joined forces to create this spiffy, limited-edition, Ghosticorn tee graphic commemorating our appearance at the East Coast Roller Derby Extravaganza.