Computer Embellished Drawing

I designed a sports tee for Holy Family to try to get into heaven.

Computer Embellished Drawing

Behold a public peek at the second design, in a new series of tees by Formation… likely to be printed on American Apparel Organic Tees. 100% gluten free!

Silkscreen Ink on American Apparel Tees • S-M-L-XL

Warhol + Franklin + Marrone + Formation = An Accute Paine’s on the Chest

Silkscreen Ink on American Apparel Tees • S-M-L-XL • $12

For some time, some of you have paid me some nice compliments about some of my moronic tweets. Now, if you pay a small sum of money, you can keep my avatar close to your heart. Twitter, American Apparel and I have teamed up (unbeknown to them) to create this many-of-a-kind @toddmarrone T-shirt. Want one?

The Devil is in the Details

Boxball Classic
Computer Embellished Drawing

A tee design, designed for a charity sporting event, sporting a sport I don’t undestand. Understand?

Zero Boutique
Gratuitous Clothing

My “Speaking Of” design has finally hit the Zero Boutique. For a limited time, the graphic will be custom printed on a staggering variety of tee, sweat, tank and baseball shirts in a doubly staggering variety of colors. Customize with your custom eyes.

Bat Boy
Computer Embellished Drawing

What’s a high school theater production without a spiffy accompanying tee design?