Tile & Found Object Mosaic • 12’x12′ • Private Collection

I’m gearing up for next school year’s Isaiah Zagar mosaic mural project by gluing and grouting everything I can get my hands on.

Tile Mosaic • 12″x 12″ • Private Collection

It looks better if you squint your eyes. It looks best if you close them.

Tile Mosaic • 6″ x 8″ • Private Collection

A two-bit knockoff of an 8-bit masterpiece, made of bits and pieces.

Tile Mosaic on Plaster Skull • Skull Size • Private Collection

My school recently secured a grant to have Philadelphia artist, Isaiah Zagar, work with students to install a monumental mosaic mural. Consequently, I’ve been experimenting with various mosaic materials and techniques. Consequently, this skull is covered in tile.

Ceramic Tiles 1
Ceramic Tiles 2
Ceramic Tiles • Limbo

A fortnight ago, I took a graduate course on the subject of ceramic tile making. Pictured above are the fruits of my three-credit labor. They now sit, patiently, in my basement waiting to be used in a large-scale mosaic project.