The Wig Party

On the third Tuesday of every month, Team UsedWigs congregates at Philadelphia’s #1 second story cabaret, L’Etage, to record a new episode of our award-deserving podcast, in front of a you-filled audience. Count on savory crepes, unsavory conversation, captivating guests and intoxicating  beer. Admission is free, like this great country.

3rd Tuesday of Every Month, 8:00-10:00PM
624 S. 6th St. Philadelphia, PA

That’s right kids, we’re back in action at Philly’s most fancy crepe-slinging venue L’etage! Starting on the Summer Solstice (June 21st!), we’ll fire up the microphones and the t-shirt cannon at this handsomely-appointed eatery to record our beloved podcast. We’ll do it once a month. Each show will have super special guests, some who tell jokes, some who sing songs and others that dance with the devil (I have no idea what that means). So please join us and enjoy us, delicious food, both cheap and expensive beer, and maybe the most comfortable seating (since Fred’s Beanbag Chair Lounge) that your ass has ever had the pleasure to plop itself in!

Oh, by the way, this is a very romantic spot, perfect for making out! So bring your lover or brush you teeth in case you meet a lover during the show. Maybe Ed Lover? Or an Easy Lover, Philip Bailey is the co-owner of this joint (lie!).

First guests will be announced next week!! We’re very excited to see you there.

– UsedJeff

Mini Podcast! Here’s us eating crepes at L’etage last week, scoping out the new joint, chatting about dumb candy and funny ladies and of course, discussing our new show!

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66% of Team UsedWigs chatted with pint-sized story-telling powerhouse, SM Shrake right before he hosted the “Holiday Cheer” themed StorySlam event at L’Etage on December 28, 2010.

Winner of “Best in Philly,” First Person Arts StorySlams are monthly, real-life-storytelling competitions held at World Cafe Live and L’Etage in Philadelphia. Each month’s theme elicits stories that come from the life experiences of Philly’s storytellers. StorySlams take place on the second Monday of each month at World Cafe Live and the fourth Tuesday of each month at L’Etage.

Join Team UsedWigs as we welcome DC correspondent, SM Shrake, back to the Philadelphia stage to host a very special Holiday installment of StorySlam. I can’t think of a better way to usher out the old year.

Tuesday, December 28th, 8:30 – 10:30 PM
624 South 6th St. Philadelphia, PA

Computer Embellished Drawing

It’s Orphan Week at All of the images posted this week were designed for someone for something and ended up nowhere as nothing.

When UsedWigs Radio was a brand new podcast, I was given the task to brand it. Consequently, a ragtag band of powder-wigged monsters were born. I killed them soon after but one evolved into the beloved Wigbot of today.

Photo by Tiffany Yoon

I recently caught up with Man Man frontman, Honus Honus, during a recent Philadelphia homecoming. Check out the recently posted results.

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