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Black Lines on Things • Here and There

I made a variety of doodlings on a variety of things in a variety of places this weekend. Every once in a while, I showed ’em to my iPhone.

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Marker on Post-it® Notes • Main Line, Philadelphia

A self-adhesive, artistic ensemble punctuated Sweet Mabel’s Sideshow Spectacular. Props to Putty Aaron for a proper Polaroid of the proceedings.

Wall Paper 1
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Acrylic on Paper • Villanova University

Prior to an annual presentation/performance, I plastered a plethora of paintings on paper for the plucking.

Acrylic on Paper • Conshohocken, PA

I recently plastered a painting for the plucking in the parking garage of my local IKEA. Hex key not included.

Outdoor Torch
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Acrylic on Paper • Main Line, Philadelphia

I took the opportunity to do a little exterior decorating in the streets of Ardmore before Friday evening’s reception.

Ink on Adhesive Paper • Center City, Philadelphia

The city is my sticker book.

Ink on Paper • Main Line, Philadelphia

The street littered with drying art during a recent, outdoor, painting performance.

Ink on Envelope • The US Postal Service

One in a series of ornately addressed envelopes used to ship UsedWigs Radio T-shirts. The name has been swirled to protect the innocent.

Ink on Kiddie Menu • Slickity Jim’s Chat ‘N Chew

On a recent trip to Vancouver, the Mrs. & I stumbled into a hip little eatery called Slickity Jim’s Chat ‘N Chew. The food was tasty and the deco was uniquely eclectic but the children’s menu was lame. I embellished the collection of hastily drawn entrées and handed it over for future duplication and distribution. Now young Chat ‘N Chew patrons have something substantial to color while waiting for their grilled cheese.

Ink on Barf Bag • Northwest Airlines

During a recent flight from Detriot, I took the liberty paper of adorning a vomit depository.