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Ink, Oil Pastel & Toddlers on Paper • 6′ x 2′ • Main Line, Philadelphia

During a recent fundraiser at the Penn Wynne Library, a handful of colorful youngsters kept their hands busy by colorizing my colorless work.

Acrylic on Cement Board • 48″x48″ • Main Line, Philadelphia

I put a large piece of cement board on the curb but the garbage men wouldn’t take it. I put a CURB ALERT on Craigslist but the hoarders wouldn’t take it. I put a painting on the cement board, it was gone within an hour.

Now I’m designing a tattoo for my wife. (Rimshot.)

Acrylic on Canvas, Paper & Cardboard • Fishtown, Philadelphia

The other evening I soaked in the sites, sounds and smells of Fishtown’s First Friday. Instead of leaving with some art, I left some art. It’s across from the incredible Johnny Brenda’s, go get it.

Acrylic on Paper • Primer Gallery

Primer Gallery… 30 ounces of black paint, 24 ounces of beer, 3 foam brushes and 270 square feet of paper later.

Jeff's Eye 2Jeff's Eye 3Jeff's Eye 4
Acrylic on Paper • Primer Gallery

It’s well documented that fellow UsedWigger, Jeff Lyons, has no sense of smell and only 34% of his hearing. He does, however, have a keen eye and a mild case of the shutter bug. Here are some Lyonized snapshots of last Friday’s Nightline event at Primer Gallery.

Crayon on Placemat • Main Line, Philadelphia

At restaurants, crayons keep my son busy and quiet… and me busier and quieter.

Ink on Beverage Napkins • New York, New York

Enjoy a glimpse of the dozens of customized bev naps left in the wake of big apple bar-hopping.

Banner Year 1
Banner Year 2
Banner Year 3
Banner Year 4
Banner Year 5
Banner Year 6
Computer Embellished Photographs

Every summer, I attempt to spruce up my cyber-domicile by adding a few new banner images to the mix. The above six snaps are this year’s contribution to the gaggle of randomly rotating mastheads.

Ink on Paper • Free to a Good Home

Sneak a peek at a few of the original pieces of f’art (free art) to be handed out during tomorrow night’s UsedWigs LIVE. With door prizes like these, who needs enemies?

Acrylic & Marker on Old Book • Main Line, Philadelphia

When you know that the neighbor of pal is a fan of your artwork, the neighborly thing to do is to leave some on the neighbor’s doorstep when your in the neighborhood.