Ink on Beverage Napkins • New York, New York

Enjoy a glimpse of the dozens of customized bev naps left in the wake of big apple bar-hopping.

6 Responses to “Napkinship”
  1. Russian Paul says:

    Tod and where did you do these drawerings? and they are done on the napkins! you must be crazy because these can be to RUINED by drinks and waters. do note waste that time making to paint on napkins and instead do this on wood or stones which cannot break this way! you should never put water on paints, but on stones is less to break. OK?

  2. Karen Ebbert says:

    You should do fabric napkins….I would toally buy some.

  3. Karen Ebbert says:

    TOTALLY buy some…that is.

  4. Russian Paul says:

    i would not buy these nankins, Tod, because they are for weeping up messes and drinks, not for pating. but if you do it on wood or stones as i have said then i will have some. this is also good for Karne Ebbert.

  5. anonymous says:

    russian paul doesn’t understand art. and he spelled your name wrong

  6. Russian Paul says:

    what are you to say this to me Anyomouse? i have to understand this art! if we can be friends you can say it to be nice and not be only a not nice guy. i will want Tod to do good things and if you pant on this nanking it will only be a wipe on a shelf because it is for WIPING! best to pant ONLY on things that lest a million years. OK? OK!