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Acrylic • Bevan’s Lair

Long-time pal, Bevan McShea and his lovely, expecting, wife recently purchased their first home. I popped in to add my $0.02 to his art(s) room mural.

Acrylic • The Room Down the Hall

Inspired by an old issue of ReadyMade Magazine, I recently muralized my baby-to-be’s room-to-be. Now that the kid has a place to hang his (or her) bonnet, we’re simply waiting with baited breath and swollen torsos.

Acrylic • Duckery Elementary School

If God didn’t want walls to be adorned with murals, he wouldn’t have created scaffolding.

Acrylic • Private Residence

A buddy’s office gets the treatment.

Acrylic • Dobson Elementary School

Philadelphia Cares, a local charity organization conducts an annual “Day of Service” in which volunteers clean, repair and beautify city schools. This fifty-foot mural was my 2004 contribution.

Acrylic • Studio Doors & Freight Elevator

When a photographer buddy of mine moved into a new studio, I helped her spruce up the place.

Acrylic • Private Residence

I popped over a pal’s newly purchased house one evening. A few hours, a quart of paint and two foam brushes later, the lower level was transformed into a pop art mecca.

Acrylic • Welsh Valley Middle School

I created this mural one morning on a long segment of wall high above my classroom. My students thought it was downright scandalous that I was painting on the wall without permission. “Aren’t you afraid you’re going to get fired?” they’d ask. “No,” I’d answer. So far, so good.