Acrylic • The Room Down the Hall

Inspired by an old issue of ReadyMade Magazine, I recently muralized my baby-to-be’s room-to-be. Now that the kid has a place to hang his (or her) bonnet, we’re simply waiting with baited breath and swollen torsos.

5 Responses to “Groovy Grove”
  1. Brian K. says:

    Okay, when is that baby gonna show up? Do you need me to jump up and down on Heather’s belly until the reticent little bugger pops out?

    Lotsa luv from your friendly neighborhood eviction service. :-Þ

  2. Date Night 2008 says:

    Is there a spot for the shortie to play Hangtime?

  3. Sue Sullivan says:

    Congratulations Heather and Todd,
    Gina sent me a picture of the big baby. What a wonderful bundle of joy!
    I LOVE the baby’s room. You are just so clever. You need to visit me in Florida to see what can be done with my new home.
    Sue Sullivan

  4. Murray says:

    Congratulations again! Love the room, however, Fritz definitely thinks it could have used an Optimus Prime fighting Megatron mural (a la Scrubs) instead, think it over and get back to us.

  5. kristin says:

    Rocco and I have the same dresser. I wonder if we could be friends.