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Fortunately, frequent Phrequency contributor and phenominal photographer, Tiffany Yoon, was on hand to capture Saturday night’s Formation festivities.

Acrylic & Paint Marker on Skateboard • Works in Progress

Sneak a peek at the cruiser customization command center. Marvel at the oddly worded Philadelphia City Paper blurbicle promoting the Custom Cruisers reception and show.

Hanging Jackets
Hanging Jackets 2Hanging Jackets 3Hanging Jackets 4
Acrylic on Album Jackets • Arcadia Boutique

Many thanks to the attendees of Thursday’s Hanging Jackets opening reception. Additional e-props to DJ iLLumadel for supplying the groves, Arcadia Boutique for playing host and City Paper AND Philadelphia Weekly for issuing all-points blurbetins.

Marrone & DeMuzio

David Robinson • Main Line Times • November, 2008

The phrase “passing the torch” may bring to mind the vision of our ancestors moving through darkened caves, with tiring elders handing the flame of leadership to the next generation. In the art world, “passing the torch” might be thought of as the moment when ancient hands drawing beasts and visions on cave walls pause to take the torch from eager apprentices and hand them charcoal and umber to begin their artistic journey.

MilkBoy Coffee in heart of Ardmore, will be the site of such an exchange First Friday, Dec. 5 from 7 to 9:30 p.m. Welsh Valley Middle School’s charismatic art teacher, Todd Marrone, will be passing the torch to the young artist, Lower Merion senior Emmett DeMuzio. (more…)

Nicole Brewer
Beauty & the Bot

CBS 3’s Nicole Brewer continues to sing the praises of UsedWigs Radio. On her network blog, she refers to our recent segment as her “funniest interview EVER.” Arguably, props of the maddest variety.

Nicole Brewer
CBS 3’s Nicole Brewer Gets the Scope on UsedWigs Radio

It must have been a slow news week in Philly… but we’re not complaining. The lovely, talented and extremely patient Nicole Brewer of spent some time with Team UsedWigs and produced a great video highlighting our little nonsense-filled website and podcast. Swing by and check her/it out.

Sasha Toten • Bi-College News • February, 2008

Philosophy might sound like a daunting subject to discuss, especially if you have never taken a course related to it. But what if you were discussing it without books, in a café, on a weekday night, amongst people from all different age groups and backgrounds?

This is what has been happening at the Milkboy in Bryn Mawr town every third Monday of the month, from 7-8:30 p.m. (more…)


The Ghosticorn press tsunami pummeled suburban shores this week thanks to our new friends at Philly Edge. We know, we know… you’re staring at the logo.


Philadelphia Weekly features a flattering blurbicle about my clothing line, Ghosticorn Apparel, in this week’s “Pop Rocks” column. Don’t read the article while drinking soda or you’ll explode.


You can’t swing a dead cat around the the office of Philadelphia’s City Paper without being arrested for disturbing the peace. You’re also bound to hit a Todd Marrone-related article. Here’s a roundup of recent ink: