Nicole Brewer
Beauty & the Bot

CBS 3’s Nicole Brewer continues to sing the praises of UsedWigs Radio. On her network blog, she refers to our recent segment as her “funniest interview EVER.” Arguably, props of the maddest variety.

5 Responses to “Brew Ha Ha”
  1. kristin says:

    She’s cute, and I like her shirt.

  2. Handsome Ron says:

    This is an amazing non-news item. An internet journalist interviews guys who comment about other people’s accomplishments on their website, and publishes it on her website. You can’t argue the time-wasting angle of her article – and her story makes it 2 levels deep.

    People who create art that gets talked about deserve so much more credit for creating so much more content than they ever imagined they originally did.

    All that said, I hope the boys realise that I do love the Used Wigs team and website! That’s why this contribution only adds to the whole spiral.

  3. Todd Marrone says:

    Nicole’s article is about our podcast in which we discuss a song featured in a movie based on a book inspired by a painting of fruit that someone planted thanks to tips from an article…

    Nothing is “created” in a vacuum, creativity is a game of balloon volleyball.

  4. jeff says:

    Nicole’s angle is interesting websites and podcasts, not “news.” Are there hundreds of artistic endeavors in the Philly area that deserved her attention more than UsedWigs? Of course, we were lucky, someone kindly recommended us to her. UW will never be confused for art or newsworthy, but if one wants to report on truly creative people, checking out trusted websites, podcasts and magazines is a decent place to start.

  5. Russ says:

    YEAH Ron, you friggin’ toolbag.