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When someone pays someone else the compliment of having “good taste” they actually mean one of two things:

He or she likes the same things I like.

He or she likes things that are expensive.

Pinwheels for Peace
Pinwheels for Peace 2Pinwheels for Peace 3Pinwheels for Peace 4
Pinwheels for Peace 5Pinwheels for Peace 6Pinwheels for Peace 7
Various Artwork • Sweet Mabel Gallery

Enjoy a baker’s half dozen snapshots of last Friday’s live performance and reception at Sweet Mabel Gallery. In conjunction with Pathways to Peace’s annual “Pinwheels for Peace” celebration, I created custom collaborations in exchange for a small, charitable donation.

Dozens of pieces will be hanging throughout the Fall including handmade tiles, framed drawings, hand-painted skateboards and customized books. Stroll in if you stroll by.

This month’s Socrates Café question:

“Is rivalry healthy?”

An apropro question in light of the Eagles vs. Cowboys Monday night game. As always, a rousing conversation ensued.  Feel free to weigh in.

Canned Pants
Computer Generated

A fresh take on stale slacks created especially for my bandmates’, The Hulihees, upcoming EP.

Everything I Know is Wrong
Computer Generated

Another Science-related EP cover cooked up for my pals, MATTOWAX. Web visitors impressed me with their accurate interpretations of January’s Most Likely To Succeed. It shouldn’t be too tough for the astute armchair astronomer to crack this one.

Apple has no problem with throwing the word genius around. At 55, founder Steve Jobs continues to be touted as a “boy genius”.  The Apple Store unapologetically bills a collection of four stools and a T-shirt clad techie, as the “Genius Bar”. Following form, this week Apple released version 8.0 of their flagship software application, iTunes, complete with its own built in “Genius”. Being an inhabitant of the venn diagram overlap between music geek and tech nerd, I was thrilled. (more…)

Spectrum 1
Spectrum 2
Spectrum 3Spectrum 4
Spectrum 5Spectrum 6Spectrum 7
Spectrum 8Spectrum 9Spectrum 10
Acrylic on Everything • Spectrum Board Shop

Ghosticorn Apparel and Formation Skateboard Company recently unveiled a handful of new, Marrone-designed, products during a reception at Spectrum Board Shop. In an effort to “mark” the event, I painted on windows, skateboards, shoes, strollers, jeans and anything else within reach.

UsedWigs Radio
Nicole Brewer & El Vez

Catch up with the UsedWigs Radio Team as we chat with the magnificent Nicole Brewer and the magnifico El Vez.