Everything I Know is Wrong
Computer Generated

Another Science-related EP cover cooked up for my pals, MATTOWAX. Web visitors impressed me with their accurate interpretations of January’s Most Likely To Succeed. It shouldn’t be too tough for the astute armchair astronomer to crack this one.

One Response to “Everything I Know is Wrong”
  1. Handsome Ron says:

    Dear Todd,

    I love this piece of art. I am also an incredible science nerd. So, I ask this question knowing that to save embarrassment I should look up the facts before posting – but that take the excitement out of this challenge.

    Does Venus appear larger than Earth in this depiction? If so, isn’t Earth in fact, slightly larger? I know it’s close, but I thought that our planet was more massive. Perhaps I’m being too Earth-centric. (or perhaps just being a dork)