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Crazy Aaron
Weird Science

The latest installment of UsedWigs Radio features fan favorites, Crazy Aaron and Scott Shrake. Listen as we chew the fat on Teri Garr, putty, Steve Martin, stereoscopic photography, The Noid, Theremins, tap dancing and Yo Gabba Gabba.

Acrylic on Canvas • 16″x16″ • Commissioned Work

Owls aren’t as bright as the media would have you believe. Don’t be fooled by their frequent depiction wearing glasses and/or a graduate cap.

This month’s Socrates Café question(s):

“Why do people insist on being right? Is it possible to break people of this habit?”

Thanks to all of the attendees who contributed to a lively and stimulating meeting. I hope to see many of the new faces again in the future. Until then, feel free to continue the discussion below.

Frank Stella
A Stella Interview

Would you believe that the latest installment of UsedWigs Radio includes interviews with art legend, Frank Stella, and Peter Holmström of the Dandy Warhols? It’s true, cross my heart.

Acrylic on Paper • Burlap & Bean Coffee Shop

Keen fans may recognize that something is, quite literally, not right. I labored through these final two paintings using my non-dominant hand.

Hulihees Farwell 1
Hulihees Farwell 2Hulihees Farwell 3Hulihees Farwell 4
Acrylic on Paper • Burlap & Bean Coffee Shop

Due to the impending geographic relocation of frontman, Ron Foligno, the Hulihees ushered out the end of an era last Saturday night. Live art and music marked the bitter sweet occasion.

Acrylic & Oil Stick on Canvas • 30″x40″ • Private Collection

“Your mamma.”

Acrylic on Canvas • 48″x30″ • Private Collection

I truly believe that upside and right-side up people can live in perfect harmony.

Power Flower
Acrylic & Oil Stick on Canvas • 24″x36″ • Private Collection

Speak softly and carry a big flower.

You Complete Me
Acrylic on Canvas • 40″x30″ • Private Collection