Acrylic on Canvas • 16″x16″ • Commissioned Work

Owls aren’t as bright as the media would have you believe. Don’t be fooled by their frequent depiction wearing glasses and/or a graduate cap.

6 Responses to “Who”
  1. jeff says:

    awesome colors, really striking.

  2. Jandek Phil says:

    i look forward to being stared down by this guy for years to come

  3. Lesly says:

    This was a gift for me and I LOVE IT! and you are correct, owls are not as smart as you would think. Oh and they don’t like lollipops

  4. Juliet says:

    My 2 cents: This is a very cool owl.

    Owls have a very contradictory nature, in that they are worshipped as idols but also thought to be the reincarnation of the devil. Most importantly, they are a reference to the darkness within, a place where humans hide their secrets. This is somewhat of a paradox, because the owl has such sharp hearing and eyesight, indicating that they can see and hear things that others can’t. Those connected to the owl usually have the ability to be able to know things about people that they don’t know themselves.

    They are also an enemy of the crow.

  5. Todd Marrone says:

    … but compatible with the monkey and the dragon.

  6. Jackie Scheiner says:

    omg!! mr marrone, can u pleeeeeeeez teech me how 2 do that? iz sooooo cool!!! btw, i agree w/u. owls aren’t very smrt. once, 1 flew into our window. it was sooooo funny, though.