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Someone who performs magic tricks = Illusionist
Someone who speaks convincingly = Orator
Someone who performs magic tricks and speaks convincingly = Messiah

Main Stage 1
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Acrylic on Paper • MilkBoy Main Stage

Friday evening found me, again, flinging paint on the MilkBoy Main Stage alongside of prodigious ear-pleasers, The Hulihees.

Formation Skateboards
Computer Embellished Drawing & Photograph

This magazine advertisement marks the long-awaited marriage of two of my pet projects. Ghosticorn Apparel and Formation Skateboards will soon be releasing a series of decks and tees sporting the featured graphic.

Nicole Brewer
Beauty & the Bot

CBS 3’s Nicole Brewer continues to sing the praises of UsedWigs Radio. On her network blog, she refers to our recent segment as her “funniest interview EVER.” Arguably, props of the maddest variety.

This month’s Socrates Café question:

“Is democracy incompatible with human nature?”

Participants with additional thoughts, members who where unable to attend and remote philosophers are invited to add their two cents (or any denomination of intellectual change).

Nicole Brewer
CBS 3’s Nicole Brewer Gets the Scope on UsedWigs Radio

It must have been a slow news week in Philly… but we’re not complaining. The lovely, talented and extremely patient Nicole Brewer of spent some time with Team UsedWigs and produced a great video highlighting our little nonsense-filled website and podcast. Swing by and check her/it out.

Spectrum Tee
Computer Embellished Drawing

Spectrum Board Shop and Ghosticorn Apparel recently joined forces in an effort to ornament the midsection of local skaters with this little fella.

VariousMedia • Awarded to Contest Winners

In an effort to drum up insight, feedback and criticism, I invited all newsletter subscribers to participate in an informal commenting competition during the month of July. The response was overwhelming, thanks to everyone who wittingly (or unwittingly) participated. Well, the month is six days stale and results are in:

The Most Insightful Comment Award Goes to:
Jordan Copperman for his response to July ‘08 Socrates Café

The “MAC” (Most Active Commenter) Award Goes to:
Kristen Larsen for thoughtfully weighing in on just about every July post

Starhaven at MilkBoy
Starhaven 2
Starhaven 3Starhaven 4
Acrylic on Paper • MilkBoy Main Stage

Former college roommate, current creative collaborator and future bank-heist partner, Bevan “Starhaven” McShea, invited me to join him on stage during a recent acoustic performance.