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Goblin Count
Acrylic on Paper • 12″x18″ • Private Collection

This is one in a series of collaborative paintings completed by me and my former college roommate, Bevan McShea. Bevan painted the left side leaving me to complete the right. Once again, in our over ten year friendship, I’m “right”.

Podcast 50.2
Why the long faces?

Enjoy the thrilling conclusion of UsedWigs Radio’s triumphant 50th podcast. Part two finds me and the boys tackling Sex and The City, The Count, Darth Vader, celebrity sitings and Bon Jovi.

Plushicorn 1
Plushicorn 2Plushicorn 3Plushicorn 4
Felt, Thread & Magic • Private Collection

Introducing a quartet of hand-made mythological hybrids! Inspired by my clothing company, Ghosticorn Apparel, and brought to life by local seam queen, Diane Koss.

This month’s Socrates Café question:

“Are stereotypes beneficial?”

As always, java and opinions flowed freely. Participants with additional thoughts, members who where unable to attend and remote philosophers are invited to add their two cents (or any denomination of intellectual change).

Ceramic Tiles 1
Ceramic Tiles 2
Ceramic Tiles • Limbo

A fortnight ago, I took a graduate course on the subject of ceramic tile making. Pictured above are the fruits of my three-credit labor. They now sit, patiently, in my basement waiting to be used in a large-scale mosaic project.

Roller Girls Poster
Computer Embellished Drawing

The ferociously beautiful Philly Roller Girls invited me to design a poster for an upcoming roller derby bout. How could I say no?

Podcast 50
Big Mouth

UsedWigs Radio turns 50-podcasts-old with a show so big, it refused to be contained in a single download. Part one features us jawing about our first podcast, Devo, Jim Gaffigan, rap ringtones and includes an interview with Tomato from The Sound of Urchin!

Rocco\'s First Painting
Rocco Paints 1Rocco Paints 2Rocco Paints 3

Visitors have recently been cyber-gushing over the Father’s Day gift that I presented my pop. While the kind words are much appreciated, that was (at best) the second greatest Father’s Day gift to change hands in our family.

My son, with the help of a crack team of studio assistants, created a painting for me. At five months old, he is already a better gift-giver and painter than I am.

Sasha Toten • Bi-College News • February, 2008

Philosophy might sound like a daunting subject to discuss, especially if you have never taken a course related to it. But what if you were discussing it without books, in a café, on a weekday night, amongst people from all different age groups and backgrounds?

This is what has been happening at the Milkboy in Bryn Mawr town every third Monday of the month, from 7-8:30 p.m. (more…)

Ink on Adhesive Paper • Center City, Philadelphia

The city is my sticker book.