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Acrylic & Oil Stick on Canvas • 30″x48″ • Private Collection

The black lines were painted live during a performance last Fall, the color was added recently, and less spectacularly, in my basement.

Tattoos, Sweat & Ball Bearings

Thanks to all of the ink-clad vixens who rolled away from this weekend’s East Coast Roller Derby Extravaganza with new Ghosticorn swag.

Computer Embellished Paper Collage

My trusty scissors and I joined forces to create this spiffy, limited-edition, Ghosticorn tee graphic commemorating our appearance at the East Coast Roller Derby Extravaganza.

Screaming ShirtAfro ShirtThree Headed Shirt
Computer Embellished Drawings

Enjoy a trio of faux shirts created to display my apparel-designing chops

Computer Embellished Drawing

During a recent visit to a Philadelphia Craft Festival, I couldn’t help but notice the inordinate number of items featuring owls or octopi. Since they seem to be the animal darlings of the independent craft world, I whipped up this hybrid for Ghosticorn Apparel.

Withdrawn Show 1Withdrawn Show 2Withdrawn Show 3Withdrawn Show 4
Withdrawn Show 5Withdrawn Show 6Withdrawn Show 7
Acrylic on Paper • MilkBoy Acoustic

Last Saturday evening, Milkboy Acoustic hosted a reception for my month-long art installation, Withdrawn. The evening featured musical performances by my pals, The Hulihees and Mattowax. I painted live throughout both sets resulting in dozens of original works and a sore shoulder.

Computer Embellished Drawing

I came across this circa 1996 doodle while paging through an old sketchbook. I thought that the character was too deliciously condescending and smug to go to waste so I turned him into a Ghosticorn tee design. It’s always nice to give younger me the opportunity to collaborate with older me.

Ange & Ris 1Ange & Ris 2Ange & Ris 3
Acrylic on Paper & Canvas • MilkBoy Main Stage

Here are a few snaps of my recent First Friday performance with Philadelphia songstresses, Ange & Ris.

Acrylic on Canvas • 18″x24″ • Commissioned Work

One of two custom pieces depicting a long-time collector’s lovely daughters.

Felt, Thread & Magic • Private Collection

My clothing company, Ghosticorn Apparel, is flirting with the idea of offering limited-edition, stuffed toys. Here’s a prototype concocted by garden state craftster, Diane Koss.