Acrylic on Canvas • Backyard BBQ & Tritone Bar

On Saturday, September 8th, The Hulihees and I strutted our stuff at two different venues. First, we rocked the pants and diapers off of dozens of families at a pal’s backyard BBQ. Later that night, we took the stage at Philadelphia’s favorite hip dive, Tritone. During both performances, I invited audience volunteers to paint a couple of lines or shapes on the canvases before I took over.

2 Responses to “Hulihee Doubleheader”
  1. Pamela says:

    I love the new layout of your site! What are you painting with in these pictures??

  2. Todd Marrone says:

    Good question, ‘La! I’m slinging ink from a homemade marker (sort of like a little bingo dauber). Please don’t tell my secrets to the Russians. There’s no telling what they’ll do with the information.