It’s official, now has a super-charged blog engine under its hood. Visitors can subscribe and enjoy content via the RSS feed and add their two cents in the form of comments (pun slightly intended).

Posts prior to this one contain content moved from previous manifestations of the site. The posting dates have been retro-fitted to portray a fairly accurate timeline. Consequently, those posts never had their rightful time in the sun (at the top of the blog). I’d be much obliged if visitors splashed a comment here or there to make the joint look a little more “lived-in.”

4 Responses to “ 3.0”
  1. Brian says:

    I was wondering what that tremor was, the one that shook the blogiverse right out of its bed and onto its cold hipster hardwood floor. Now I know! I dig!

  2. Jazz says:

    CONGRATS! I love your work!

  3. steve garfield says:

    Hi Todd,

    It was great seeing you at Podcamp Philly this morning.

    Here a link to the video I shot:


  4. Todd Marrone says:

    Thanks Jazz. I’m a long-time admirer of your musical genre as well.

    Steve, great video. It confirms once and for all that I don’t know where to look when someone is trying to interview me with a handheld camera.