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Computer Embellished Painting

The front side of my newly designed business card. I decided to go with the rounded corners so that youngsters don’t poke their eyes out. I’m always thinking about the kids.


You can’t swing a dead cat around the the office of Philadelphia’s City Paper without being arrested for disturbing the peace. You’re also bound to hit a Todd Marrone-related article. Here’s a roundup of recent ink:

Acrylic on Canvas • 36″x48″ • Private Collection

Acrylic on Canvas • 40″x30″ • Privat Collection

My artistic interpretation of everyone’s favorite mythological hybrid was unveiled during a Halloween reception at the Ellen Powell Tiberino Memorial Museum.

Ink on Cardstock • Private Collection

A custom made card for a custom selected shower gift.

Paint and Ink on Wood • Private Collection

“Mr. Marrone, if I bring in my old skateboard will you paint something on it?”

Ink on Paper • Main Line, Philadelphia

The street littered with drying art during a recent, outdoor, painting performance.

Acrylic and Oil Pastel on Cardboard • 18″x24″ • Private Collection

Cardboard-painted homage to my favorite cardboard-painting artist.

Ghosticorn Apparel on Torsos • South Street, Philadelphia

Pet project, Ghosticorn Apparel, recently opened its figurative cyber-doors to the world. I concocted the mythological namesake and designed most of the shirts. Check out the new site and let me know what you think.

One is a musician who talks about politics and saving trees and the other is a musician who ran for political office and into a tree. But seriously…